Your Nanticoke



Your Nanticoke is a PROPOSAL of what is possible – ready for community input once Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) is approved.

A Vision of What’s Possible…

For over 40 years, these lands (bordered by Lake Erie to the South, Hwy 6 to the West, Nanticoke Creek to the East and Haldimand Road 3 running East-West through the property) have remained sterile from new employment uses due to lack of infrastructure. Multiple attempts by municipal council in the past have failed to attract new employers to the area. As a strong community partner, Empire is thrilled to respond to the challenge of creating a path to growth and economic opportunity, in order to lay the groundwork for a community where families can live, work and play for generations to come. That is how Your Nanticoke took shape.

Your Nanticoke, Haldimand County MZO Proposal - Child on Swing in Community Centre & Pool Recreational Area

Your Nanticoke is a game-changing development that creates economic opportunities. A community-driven proposal that combines our traditions with modern amenities, taking what is foundational from our past to build a bright future in Nanticoke and all of Haldimand. A proposal that protects existing employers, that builds new infrastructure to support the entire region and provides active-living amenities for the entire community to enjoy, at no additional cost to your family.

Community Partnership

We fully support Haldimand County’s decision to ask the Province of Ontario for an MZO. The MZO will finally open the door for discussion around the future of land that for over 40 years has been wrapped in red tape and restricted to industrial uses. Once approved, we can start the process that will allow Nanticoke and Haldimand County residents to grow their community’s potential. Together, we can realize a vision for a multidimensional community, support existing industries and create new opportunities, while upholding Nanticoke’s traditions and character.

Be a part of what's Possible

1. Job Creation and Diversification

Your Nanticoke will introduce over 10,000 new jobs in Haldimand and include over 16 million sq ft of employment space for our community.

Diversification of employment opportunities will allow all generations to live, work and play together right here in Haldimand now and into the future.

2. Environmentally Sustainable Sewage Treatment Plant

Your Nanticoke is a solution to Haldimand’s infrastructure challenges. The current sewage treatment facilities in Haldimand are ageing and nearing capacity. Replacement is required to continue to support the current population and future growth, including employment opportunities. Your Nanticoke provides a brand new, environmentally sustainable solution with no increase to property taxes.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Recreation For the Whole Community

Your Nanticoke proposes active living at your fingertips. It includes a state-of-the-art indoor recreation complex that will feature the only indoor pool in Haldimand County and multi generational fitness facilities. It will also feature a comprehensive new parks and trail network and 110 acres of waterfront lands for public use.


Your Nanticoke brings together a seamless blend of agricultural, commercial, residential and recreational uses. It proposes to create a complete community where all generations can live, work and play.


Building a new sewage treatment plant will allow current employers to cease their dependency on the current lagoon systems and utilize a new modern, environmentally responsible facility.

By expanding our community’s employment, residential and recreational opportunities, our existing businesses and industries can continue to thrive and grow through increased support and prosperity.


Establishing an employment and commercial hub for the area will make goods and services more accessible closer to home.

The introduction of over 10,000 new jobs will mean our children and grandchildren can start their families and careers right here in Haldimand.

7. Affordable Living Options

The community-driven proposal prioritizes Affordable Housing options for young families.

Your Nanticoke will introduce 2,000 homes dedicated to Affordable Housing.

A mix of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential uses allow Your Nanticoke to support new and existing Haldimand residents so our children and grandchildren can live, work and play right here at home for generations to come.

8. Opportunities For Generations To Come

With enhanced and brand new infrastructure, diversified employment opportunities and state-of-the-art recreational amenities, Your Nanticoke will drive Haldimand’s growth and prosperity into the future.

Your Nanticoke is a gateway to new opportunities and resources for our community. It can support expansion of healthcare services, post-secondary schools, employment opportunities and more.

By expanding housing options for young families and providing the services to support them, Your Nanticoke allows multi-generational families to enjoy Haldimand together for years to come.


16M+ sq ft of employment space
10K+ new diverse jobs
2K homes dedicated to Affordable Housing

100+ acres of public waterfront
165K sq ft of recreational facilities
$0 increase to property taxes